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​iPad Program

Thank you for your patience with the distribution of iPads. As families sit down and add devices to home networks and internet can I share two online help files from Apple Australia.

Family sharing and Setting up Family Sharing

Family Sharing

The school encourages one family member to be responsible for setting up Family Sharing. Family Sharing is Apple’s software that allows parents to control what gets added to the iPad, whether or not purchases can be made, how much screen time your student can use and a range of other features. It also allows purchased Apps to be shared with 5 other family members without extra costs. (At this stage, the school only requires one paid App which applies to students studying some Senior maths subjects.)

Students Under 13

As the rollout of iPads to Year 7 occurred ahead of time, parents have found that they cannot allocate an Apple ID to a student under the age of 13. My apologies for this situation. A student under the age of 13 can be given an Apple ID legally without parents having to enter incorrect date of birth details or ‘fudge’ the details.

Parents who already have an Apple ID and have access to an iPhone or iPad will be able to follow the links to add a student under 13 along with all other students on the iPad program. Students without an Apple device at home – please read the next section.

Parents who do not have an Apple device

We have been in contact with Apple Australia and will provide a series of screenshots to guide parents through the process of providing an Apple ID to students when you don’t own an Apple device. In short, parents will use the student iPad to set-up an Apple ID for themselves and then add your students to Family Sharing. (If the student is under 13, you will create a Child Account). The parent then logs out of the iPad and the student logs in with the Apple ID created by the parent. (Parents will only need to create an Apple ID once.) This ‘work-around’ is free of charge and complies with Apple Australia’s guidelines. The last thing the school wants is for parents to have to spend more money when there is a free option.

The two links provide more information about Family Sharing and how to set-up family sharing. Please explore the links to SCREEN TIME and the other ways that parents to limit and restrict student access to Apps and use of the iPad during the night. The Apple Australia website has a great deal of useful information to assist both parents and students with the iPad.

A tutorial page for parents managing Apple IDs when you don’t own an Apple device will be available in the next few days.

iPad Forms

Damaged iPad form -In the event of damage to your iPad, please complete this form with parents/caregivers signature and return with the iPad to the Apple room in the library.

iPad leaving form - Student or Parent to complete Steps 1 & 2 prior to school taking iPad back

Paying out iPad - if you want to buy out the iPad and own the iPad.

iPad Agreement form - This document explains how school owned iPads are to be used at school and at home.

Kepnock iPad Tutorials Student Handbook - How to guide for setting up iPad.

Cyber-bullying and Cyber-safety

Positive and responsible technology use - This booklet offers advice to support your child with having a positive and safer online experience.

Last reviewed 09 October 2019
Last updated 09 October 2019