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iPad Program

A device inspires hands-on learning and can be used to promote creativity in the classroom. This innovative tool has the capability to provide personalised learning and education in a number of different subject areas. The device allows students to gain access to a continually growing bank of educational content. The use of a device will allow our teachers to expand their programs to fit the needs of today's students and to better equip them with the skills they'll need in the modern world.

Use of devices can also encourage students, boost confidence and provide a valuable feedback loop outside of a traditional classroom setting. Students will be able to better develop their 21st Century learning skills including opportunities for authentic collaboration and teamwork, innovation, creating and publishing in ways never possible before. 1:1 is about the learning and not the technology.

What is included in the iPad program?

Students who participate in the iPad program at Kepnock will receive:

  • Apple iPad (all students in the same year level have the same model iPad)
  • STM DUX Plus Duo iPad case (or equivalent)
  • Screen Protection (for iPads issued from 2020)
  • 2yr AppleCare+ warranty & support (from time of purchase)
  • School based technical support

When will my student receive their iPad?

IPads are delivered mid-January each year, to maximise the AppleCare+ warranty. The school endeavours to have the iPads out to year sevens with in the first 3-4 weeks. With new students receiving their iPad around the same time.

Parents/Caregivers must have signed and returned both the 'iPad User Agreement' and the school's Student Resource Scheme (SRS) form in order to receive an iPad.

Students who enrol in the school during the year will receive their iPad within a week. Students need to read 'student notices' for when they can collect their iPad.

Setting up your iPad (students over 13 years)

Kepnock sets up most of the iPad before it is distributed to students. All Kepnock apps and programs are loaded onto the iPad before your child receives the iPad.

As a school we do not need the iPad to have an AppleID. The iPad is managed through the schools MDM software.

If you wish your child to download their own apps at home students/parent/caregivers will need to setup an AppleID  and then log into the device using the AppleID.

The school highly recommends that parent/caregiver's setup an AppleID and manage it through 'Apple Family Share' (see information below).

Unfortunately, the setting up of AppleID's cannot be done at school and requires students/parents/caregivers to setup at home or via a public Wi-Fi network. The Department of Education has blocked the internet page where you set up of AppleID on the school network.

Setting up your iPad (students under 13 years)

Kepnock sets up most of the iPad before it is distributed to students. All Kepnock apps and programs are loaded onto the iPad before your child receives the iPad.

As a school we do not need the iPad to have an AppleID. The iPad is managed through the schools MDM software.

A student under the age of 13 can be given an Apple ID legally without parents having to enter incorrect date of birth details or 'fudge' the details. Parents who already have an Apple ID and have access to an iPhone or iPad will be able to follow the links to add a student under 13 along with all other students on the iPad program. This can be done by using Apple Family Share.

​Parents who do not have an AppleID.

We have been in contact with Apple Australia and will provide a series of screenshots to guide parents through the process of providing an Apple ID to students when you don't own an Apple device.

In short, parents will use the student iPad to set-up an Apple ID for themselves and then add your students to Family Sharing. (If the student is under 13, you will create a Child Account). The parent then logs out of the iPad and the student logs in with the Apple ID created by the parent. (Parents will only need to create an Apple ID once.) This 'work-around' is free of charge and complies with Apple Australia's guidelines. The last thing the school wants is for parents to have to spend more money when there is a free option.


Kepnock HIGHLY RECOMMENDS that all student AppleIDs

be setup through Family Sharing.

​Family Sharing

The school encourages one family member to be responsible for setting up Family Sharing. Family Sharing is Apple's software that allows parents to control what gets added to the iPad, whether or not purchases can be made, how much screen time your student can use and a range of other features.

It also allows purchased Apps to be shared with 5 other family members without extra costs. (At this stage, the school only requires one paid App which applies to students studying some Senior maths subjects, but this will increase as the iPad program develops).

The following links to Apple explain in more detail what Apple Family Share is and how to set it up.

Family sharing and Setting up Family Sharing

I am enrolling at Kepnock, what do I need to do to get an iPad for my child?

  • Complete the school enrolment form (including the school resources scheme agreement, local excursion agreement, permission to publish agreement and the ICT usage agreement) and return it to the school.
  • Complete the iPad Agreement and return it to the school.
  • Pay the iPad fee for the iPad, or make an arrangement to pay the iPad fee.
  • The iPad agreement is forwarded to the iPad department for processing and an iPad is allocated to the student.
  • Once the iPad is ready of collection a notice will be placed in the 'school notices' for the student to come and collect (depending on the time of the year, this could take up to a two week).

  •  ​Once student reads notice they can come and collect their iPad from the iPad department (in the library) before school any day of the week or during home group (if the teacher permits).

My child has damaged their iPad, what do I need to do?

  • The student needs to collect a Damaged iPad form from either the iPad department (library), the IT department (J Block) or downloaded online.
  • ​Complete the form and return the damaged iPad and completed form to the iPad department (in the library). It is important that you complete the form correctly, providing as much detail as possible and signing all sections of the form. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE BACKED UP YOUR DEVICE PRIOR TO HANDING IN FOR REPAIR.
  • ​If available, a 'swap loan device' is given to the student to use while their device is being repaired. This will depend on numbers in for repairs and availability of swap loan devices.
  • ​The iPad is then sent to Apple for repair. The device is replaced by Apple (the original device is not returned). This takes approximately two week (depending on the repair agent and how busy they are, as well as how damaged the iPad is).
  • ​The school will invoice the parent/caregiver for the repair of the device. If still in AppleCare+ warranty it will cost students $65 (max 2 claims/year), if it is out of warranty or the third claim the student will be invoiced the full cost of repair. This needs to be paid for prior to receiving you repaired device back.
  • ​Once the school receives the replacement iPad, it is processed and added to the school system. Once this is done a notice is placed in the 'school notices' for the student to collect the device. If not collected in a timely manner, the swap loan device will be collected from the student.

​My child is leaving Kepnock, what do I need to do?

Make contact with the school to complete 'School Leaving Advice' and return completed advice to the school.

  • You have two options,
    • Return the iPad – complete the iPad Leaving Form-Return iPad and hand in to school with School leaving Advice' as well as return the undamaged iPad, original iPad charger and cable, undamaged iPad case (general wear and tear accepted) to the school. (any damage to the iPad will need repairing and costs will be charged to the student and need to be paid before student leaves the school)
    • Elect to purchase the iPad – complete the iPad Leaving Form-Purchase iPad and hand in the iPad to the school for removal from the school network and pay the payout figure for the purchase of the iPad. This figure can be obtained by contacting the school cashier.   The iPad needs to be left at the school for a minimum of 48 hours for the school to remove all school owner software and device management software. The school will contact you when ready to collect (from student services)

My child has lost their iPad or has had their iPad stolen, what do I need to do?

  • The student/parent/caregiver needs to initially try and find the device themselves.
  • If they cannot find the device, they will need to contact their Year Co-ordinator to report the iPad lost/stolen. Year co-ordinator will investigate further.
    • If lost and not found, parents will be informed by the school and given options on what to do next.
    • If device is stolen and not returned, parent/caregivers will need to lodge a 'police report' (see links on this webpage) and provide the school the police report number. The school will contact the parent with options on what to do next.

​Frequently asked questions:

​Will my child be using the device in all lessons throughout the day?

Devices will be used by students as, and when required in each subject area. It is not expected that the devices will be in use all the time, students will use them when needed to support their learning.

​Can my child use the device at recess and lunchtime at school?

The device remains with the student at all times. Students are permitted to take their devices into the school yard at recess, lunchtime or before school.

​What are the 'rules' for my child's use of the device at school?

All students are required to sign and adhere to the school's iPad Agreement & the Acceptable Use of ICT Policy and the Internet. Breaches of the agreement will be addressed on an individual basis.

​Who is responsible for Internet safety at home?

It is a parent's responsibility to ensure they have a protected network and good Internet protocols.

​My child has downloaded apps that I do not think he/she should be using. What should I do?

Parents are responsible for how the device is used at home and what is downloaded. Parents are strongly encouraged to develop 'household rules' and to discuss the sites that their child has asked to use. If you feel anything inappropriate has been installed, then it should be removed. If the school believes the device is dubious or deemed dangerous, then the iPad will be reimaged by the school. Apple Family Share is a good way to manage your student's iPad (see above for details on Apple Family Share)

​I am concerned that my child is using their device inappropriately?

If you are unsure, openly discuss these concerns with your child. The use of devices in class will be actively monitored by teachers. Misuse of a device will be treated the same as any other distracting activity and normal classroom discipline rules will apply. If you are unsure, please discuss with the classroom teacher.

​Can my child put their own programs/songs/media on their device?

Yes, as long as the media has been obtained legally and from reputable sources and does not breach any copyright laws. Sufficient space must remain on the iPad to ensure the educational needs of the device can still be met.

​How do I backup my data on my device?

The Department of Education provides every student with access to OneDrive which is the recommended online storage location for all student work, including the backup of student iPads (see help sheet on how to backup to OneDrive).

Apple do provide a limited online storage space (iCloud) as part of setting up an AppleID, which can be used for personal storage. Apple's online storage cannot be access at school through the school internet and is not recommended.

​How often should a device be charged?

It is expected that students will bring their device to school fully-charged each day. It is recommended that the devices are charged overnight prior to each school day. Students are not to bring their chargers to school. If charger is bought to school and lost or stolen, you will be charged for a replacement charger.

​What if my child's device is not charged?

It is not possible to offer charging at school.

Should my child be spending a lot of time completing homework on their device?

Homework and device activities will vary depending on the tasks set across each term. The device is a tool to support learning and should be used in an open and transparent manner. Ask your child to show you how they are using the device to support their learning. If the device is not required for a task, it is best that it is put away or shut down for that period of time.  

​What is an AppleID and why does my student need one?

The school does not require a student to have an AppleID to use the device at school. AppleID's are only used if your child wishes to download personal apps.

​I need help with my AppleID?

Unfortunately, the link to AppleID is blocked by the Department of Education and we cannot access this website. Which means we can only provide very limited support on issues with AppleID's. We cannot help you set one up.

​For support please go to

Last reviewed 01 December 2023
Last updated 01 December 2023