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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


What access will my child get if they bring a BYOx device?

Currently different device types have different access. Windows devices will get access to Student H and G drives, be able to print, access the internet etc., Apple devices will only have access to H drive and the internet (printing will come online eventually) and iPads and Android devices will only have access to the internet (additional features will come online in the future)

What is the school's preference?

We would prefer that students bring a Windows laptop to use for their school work, but realise this is not always possible. As long as the device meets the minimum specifications we are happy for students bring their device to school. (see BYOx section of school website for minimum specifications)

What if we can't afford a laptop but have something else?

Other devices, such as tablets, may be brought to school for BYOx use. We advise talking to the teachers of those subjects about device suitability. However, for general internet use and note taking, tablets can be a viable option.

Can these devices connect to the internet at school?

The device will need to connect to the BYOx network to be able to access the internet at school. We have installed a BYOx connect system that will allow students to connect to the school’s internet service. Connecting to the BYOx network will allow students to access safe, secure and filtered internet while at school.

What if I already own a laptop?

Students may bring their own laptop.  Many laptop devices will meet the basic needs for digital learning at Kepnock.  The school’s best advice to ensure that effective learning occurs is that the laptop meets the listed minimum device specifications.

What security will we need in place on the laptop to access the school network?

Network and device security is paramount to all at Kepnock.  The school will install the Education Queensland Technical Solution that enables non-school owned devices to access the internet and school network.  The Technical Solution allows student owned devices to function as school machines with the same level of internet filtering, network protection and security.